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Hi, I am Eileen Zinchiak, the Academic Liaison at the School of Health Professions and Public Health and your "tour director" for our School. I warmly welcome you to our beautiful campuses, to discover the unique spirit of Mercyhurst that flourishes within our School.

Eileen Zinchiak

Arrange your visit to our School; e-mail me at, or contact our Department Chairs directly. Your decision will be easy once you sit in a class. I am your guide to arrange meetings and attend class with the key faculty at any of the six Departments and 26 programs of the School of Health Professions and Public Health. They want to hear your interests and future goals, and share the advantages you gain by choosing health programs at Mercyhurst.

If you are interested in programs on both campuses, and you have not already contacted our Admissions Offices in Erie or North East, I can help you arrange tours, and talks with Admissions counselors, Our highly trained staff and student Ambassadors will tour academic buildings and the library.

Discover more of the unique Mercyhurst spirit when you see student life in residents halls and apartments, student union, dining hall, recreation facilities, and more. Meet students who have already discovered the spirit of Mercyhurst that will give you a clear advantage in your future.

Your department visit and faculty appointment will be coordinated with tours of campus. Those appointment times are most commonly 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday tours are 9:30 and noon. Other tour times can also be arranged. One week advance notice is preferred.

If you come to Erie and want to visit on the spur-of-the-moment, do not hesitate to contact me. Coming to Erie on a weekend? Email me for available staff.

Thank you for your interest in Mercyhurst. I know you will enjoy your visit.

Eileen Zinchiak

Eileen Zinchiak, '80
Academic Liaison
School of Health Professions and Public Health
(814) 824-3671     
Hirt 311

Come To Class

It's easy to decide on your Health program and discover your fit with energized students, once you sit in professors' classes. Make an appointment with these Department chairs for a convenient day:

Pre-Health Dr. Michael Elnitsky 814.824.2346  Zurn 104
Sports Medicine Dr. Bradley Jacobson 814.824.2526  Athletics Lower Level
Physician Assistant Studies Dr. Catherine Gillespie 814.814.2513  Wallace Street
Public Health Dr. David Dausey 814.824.2460  Hirt 310
Nursing Dr. Marion Monahan 814.725.6238  North East: JLM Center
Health Professions Dr. Marion Monahan 814.725.6238  North East: JLM Center

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